Flattach ECA Race 2017

First stop on the first of my European trips was Flattach, Austria. This was a new course to me so I was very excited to get on the water. I had two sessions the day before the race. The format of this race was that everyone raced in semi finals on the first morning, then the top two thirds went through to the finals that afternoon. The result in the finals is what counted. Then the same on the second day. The people with the best combination of results across the two days (highest points) won. On both days I qualified into the finals in both boats. On the first day I finished 1st in C1 and 3rd in K1 and on the second day I finished 1st in C1 and 4th in K1. This meant that overall I won Gold in C1 and Bronze in K1. I was really happy with this result and it was a personal best for me in both boats! It was a lovely venue and an excellently well organised race! Next stop Augsburg, Germany. 

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