Augsburg ECA Race 2017

Next stop on the first of my European trips was Augsburg, Germany. I was really excited about paddling at this course for the first time. The weekend before had been one of the Senior World Cup races and on my way to Flattach I had stopped off there to watch the last day! My race was the same format of race as Flattach and I made the final on both days, in both boats. It was a really tough race with lots of people competing. On the Saturday I got a 9th in K1 and a 2nd in C1 and on the Sunday I got a 7th in K1 and a 4th in C1. This meant that overall I got a silver in C1. I was really pleased with this result as it was a really competitive race and on an amazing course. Next stop, training in Ivrea, Italy. 

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