Lee Valley Prem and Junior and U23 Selection 2015

This weekend was the first race of the season and it was a great way to kick off the year. As I am still only 13 I am too young to enter the selection race but I paddled up in the prem race in Kayak (K1) and Canoe (C1). On Saturday in K1 I came 19th and I managed to get paddle up points (1000 points) before the div 1 season has even started. In C1 I came 8th and I qualified as a junior (in the first of three races) for junior selection even though I am too young. On sunday I did the same again twice more! If I was old enough I would have been eligible for the junior team. I am really happy with how the weekend went and I was buzzing the whole time. Cant wait for racing at Shepperton Div 1 in two weeks time.

Click here to see the results for Saturday and Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Lee Valley Prem and Junior and U23 Selection 2015

  1. knew you were a superstar and you proved it good style at the weekend congratulations

  2. Daisy, congratulations on all the hard work you are doing to achieve your goals. Hedy and I have been following your progress since receiving your card.
    Keep up the good work and the rewards will come.

    Darrell & Hedy (Canada)

  3. At your age you are doing fantastic Daisy. In K1 19th place and 1000points is wonderful.
    In C1 8th place, wow and not a junior yet! You will have the juniors worried already.

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