Summer 2018

This summer I was away for 6 weeks straight in Europe! It all started at around 4am on a Monday morning when I got a flight with the GB Team from London Stansted airport to Milan airport in Italy. From then I had a week of training in Ivrea, Italy before the Junior World Championships […]

Bratislava ECA Race 2017

Next stop on the second of my European trips was Bratislava, Slovakia. This is the European course I’ve spent the most time at as I had a training camp and raced here last year. I spent the week before the race training here this year and then the week after the race training here too! […]

Ceske ECA Race 2017

Next stop on the second of my European trips was Ceske, Czech Republic. I raced here last year and despite it not being a really big course I really enjoyed it. This is where I won my first ever ECA Cup medal. I had a few days here training before the race and it was […]

Krakow ECA Race 2017

First stop on the second of my European trips was Krakow, Poland. I’d never been to Krakow or Poland before so this was very exciting. This course was the venue for last years Junior and U23 World Championships. I had a few days training here and getting used to the course before the race the […]

Ivrea Training 2017

Next stop on the first of my European trips was training in Ivrea, Italy. Again this was a new course for me and I was very excited to get some training done on this course. The course at Ivrea is located in the city center and has amazing views of the local architecture and mountains […]

Augsburg ECA Race 2017

Next stop on the first of my European trips was Augsburg, Germany. I was really excited about paddling at this course for the first time. The weekend before had been one of the Senior World Cup races and on my way to Flattach I had stopped off there to watch the last day! My race […]

Flattach ECA Race 2017

First stop on the first of my European trips was Flattach, Austria. This was a new course to me so I was very excited to get on the water. I had two sessions the day before the race. The format of this race was that everyone raced in semi finals on the first morning, then […]

Summer Trip 2016

The past two weeks were amazing!!! We started it all off by driving to Folkestone and getting the Eurotunnel to Calais. Then there was a 19 hour drive to follow to Bratislava, Slovakia. This included driving through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria then Slovakia (and some how we ended up paying €19 for a vignette to […]

Cardiff Prem Race 2016

This weekend I went to Cardiff for the first time to train and race at Cardiff International White Water, Cardiff Bay. It is a really nice place and a great course!! I went training for two days there and was able to join in with some sessions with the Welsh squad. Then it was time […]

British Open

So, I spent Thursday and Friday training at Lee Valley followed by an amazing day in the last prem race of the season getting one of my best results yet and then to finish on Sunday the British Open. I had an amazing time down in London at my favourite course. The racing took place […]