HPP Paul McConkey Prem 2016

It was about time for one of my favourite races of the season – the Paul McConkey Prem at HPP!! I love this race as it was one of my first div 1 races, has a really nice atmosphere and I have done well in it every time I have raced in it. This weekend was even better than the last time. On Saturday morning I made it into the semi finals (which were in the evening) after first runs (heat 1) in both K1 and C1 which I was really happy with. Then in the semis I made it into the finals in C1 (and was pretty close in K1) which I wasn’t expecting in either boat so I was also really happy with this. Then in the finals which were on Sunday lunch time (in between the div 1 race runs 1 and 2) I came 5th which is probably actually my best result yet in C1 (despite the 3rd a few weeks ago at Cardiff) as there were more of the top C1W paddlers at this race. I am really happy with how this weekend went and the weather was even pretty good too. I also got to do some judging in the sun on Sunday and it was great to get to see friends.

There is a bit of a gap until the next prem race so time to get some good training in.

Here are the results for the prem.