Washburn Prem, Pan Celtic, Inter Regionals and England Championships

This weekend I competed in the Washburn Prem which was my second prem race being in prem for K1. On Saturday it was the prem race and in C1 I was paddling up and I came 6th meaning I beat 6 prem paddlers and I needed to beat 4 or more to get paddle up points. After this result I got promoted to prem in C1 as well so I am now in prem for both K1 and C1. In K1 I came 21st which isn’t my best result but for my second prem race I am quite happy with that result. On Sunday it was a div 2 event and I was entered into it for Pan Celtic in just K1 and Inter Regionals and English Championships in K1 and C1. I got J14 English Champion in K1 and J14, J16 and J18 English Champion in C1 and the North East team (which I am in) came 3rd. I got 18 points for my team.