Tryweryn Div 1

This weekend I competed at the Tryweryn in Wales for the first time. It was great! I can’t wait to get back there. On the Saturday I came 8th out of 32 and on the Sunday I came 14th out of 30. I was very pleased with these results, especially Saturday’s as that is my […]

Abbey Rapids Div 2/3

This weekend I competed at Abbey Rapids Div 2/3 in C1. On Saturday I came 7th out of 9. I was extremely happy with this result as this was my first Div 2 C1 race. I also managed to get all the gates which was a big achievement for me. Here are the results for […]

New Boat Time!!!

The moment I’ve been waiting for. My new boat has arrived. My new boat is a Vajda Copa┬áS. I would like to thank Steve from Hydra Sports for fitting the seat and footrests in my boat and also for helping me to choose the perfect boat for me. Here are a few pictures of my […]

HPP Div 1

This weekend I raced at HPP White Water Course in Nottingham. It was the first time I had been there since the last race there in September. Between September and now the course had changed quite a bit, however I like what they’ve done. I came 11th out of 39 on Saturday and 11th out […]

Matlock Div 2/3

This weekend I competed at Matlock Div 2/3 in C1. My aim was to get promoted to Div 2 in C1. On the Saturday I came 2nd out of 6 and on the Sunday I came 3rd out of 5. This meant I had enough points and was promoted to Div 2 in C1!!!!! Also […]

Grandtully (Race)

This weekend I raced at Grandtully in Scotland for the first time. After a few days of training I felt I was ready to race. I was pleased with my results, coming 16th out of 41 on Saturday and 13th out of 42 on Sunday. I really like Grandtully and I cant wait to get […]

Grandtully (Training Camp).

These past few days have been great up here in Scotland. This is my first time in Scotland and at Grandtully. I love it here. Wednesday morning was an early start as we had to get up at about 3:30 to get up to Tully by 8am for my first session. My first session was […]

Tynedale Div 2/3/Open.

This weekend I raced in C1 and K1 at Tynedale. In C1 I came 1st on the Saturday and managed to get 1000 points. In K1 I raced in the open race and also came 1st. On Sunday I came 1st in C1 and K1. Again I got 1000 points in C1. Being my first […]

Washburn Div 2/Open

This weekend I competed in my first C1 event of the season. As it was a div 2 I had to paddle up to enter. On the Saturday I managed to place 6th. I was very happy with this result. Also, on both days I managed to get all the gates which was a big […]

Shepperton Div 1/2

This weekend was my first Div 1 race this season and I started the season off in style. Being my first visit to Shepperton I was exited to get on the water. After 1st runs I was in 12th place (which was higher than I should have been due to my bib number) and I […]